The Flim-Flam Kings

The Flim-Flam Kings deliver soulful vocals, muscular instrumental breaks, easygoing stage presence and a love for the music of the boom years of rock music on fm radio.  Dig the Creamy Jams as The Flim-Flam Kings bring the soundtrack to your weekend party! The FFKs feature some of our local scene's finest, most talented players and singers, doing whet they do best: delivering delicious jams on beloved tunes, playing their own take on songs you love from funky blues to Motown, The Grateful Dead to reggae. Featuring lead guitarist and vocalist Ben Baker, bassist and vocalist Paul Fardella, drummer Joe Fink and blues harpist Dave Friedman, each member is not only an experienced professional with decades of club to festivals- singing, playing and entertaining but is also a current member of The Blu-Tones big band project, The Retro Rock N' Roll Revue! Flim-Flam Kings gigs are often bolstered by the addition of other Blu-Tones either adding female vocals or additional instrumental prowess.  So come on out and enjoy the fun, the fellow fans and The Flim-Flam Kings!



Press Photos

The Flim-Flam Kings front line cooking with gas at a charity event for hurricane Irma victims held at Whiskey Park. Photo curtesy of Naples Daily News

The magic of music under a moonlit sky as The Flim-Flam Kings play at Naples Beach Brewery, a favorite of craft beer lovers, music fans and family oriented listeners.

The Flim-Flam Kings pay tribute to The Allmans

Getting funky, The Flim-Flam Kings as The JBs

Take a trip with The Flim-Flam Kings on Rt. 66